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AIM™- Autonomous Isokinetic Meter

AIM™ Autonomous Isokinetic Meter
  • Method 202 Sampling Train Method 202 Sampling Train
  • Method 5 Isokinetic Train Method 5 Isokinetic Train
  • Method 5 Isokinetic Cateco Train Method 5 Isokinetic Cateco Train
  • SO3 Controlled Condensation System SO3 Controlled Condensation System


Air Pollution Sampling Equipment for Environmental Professionals Worldwide
CleanAir Express aims to provide the highest quality air emissions sampling equipment in the world.  We believe testing professionals should have the most innovative and reliable instruments available helping to make their jobs safer, fun and financially rewarding.  We do this by constant improvement applying over 40 years of air sampling experience to our equipment designs. To view/download a copy of our Express catalog click here.
New Products
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Method 202 Train
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PakSense Ultra Contact Data Logger Temperature Sensors and Reader
Heated Blanket
Laboratory Temperature Controller
CEM 2 stage Probe
Teflon ® Beaker Liner
Featured Products
testo 330
testo 340
testo 350
Customized Multiple Zone Rack Mount Temperature Controller
Method 201A PM 10 PM 2.5
CEM Heated Filter Probes
Cateco CEM Heated Filter
MAK 10 Gas Conditioning
Method 30B Mercury Console

Clean Air Express is committed to bringing the best testing experience to testing professionals around the world through innovation and steady improvement. All our customers are members of a great team working for better global air quality. We strive to make their jobs easier and financially more rewarding so they can do more. We aim to be the global benchmark in all we do. Clean Air Express equipment is developed by field engineers for field-testing.

Clean Air Express brings over 30 years of testing experience to the design and manufacture of environmental sampling equipment. We appreciate customer feedback, please fill out the survey to help us improve customer satisfaction.