Teflon ® depth Filter, Moisture Sensor with Flow Chamber and Integrated Electronic Control

  • Sample Gas Cleaning- Reliable filtration of particles down to 0,1 micron takes place in the Teflon ® depth-filter. A view port allows you to see when the filter needs changing.
Teflon-depth Filter
  • Moisture Break-Through Monitoring- An externally installed moisture sensor controlled by an integrated electronic control monitors the function of the cooling system and the condensate pump. Analyzers are protected from condensate break-through.
  • Measurement and Adjustment of Sample Gas Flow- With the flow meter and needle valve the sample gas flow can be adjusted and precisely measured
  • Pre-cooling of Sample Gas with Inlet Dew Point > 65°C- The integrated air-cooled pre-cooler (not shown) pre-separates free condensate and solid particles which are discharged through the additional condensate pump.
  • Elimination of SO3- Aerosols, HCL- NO2- Concentrations- Samples containing additional water and acid injection can be accommodated.
Moisture Sensor with Flow Chamber and Integrated Electronic Control

The Cooling and Separation Technology

  • More Efficent and no energy loss even in high ambient temperatures
    • Coldness transfer through copper and aluminum,
    • Thermal conductance values 300 and 200 W/m°C,
    • Coldness transferred from the inside outwards.
  • High and constant dryness rate even at extreme load changes
    • Hydrophobic surface through coating,
    • large condensate drops are formed immediately,
    • sprial performing stream goes downwards,
    • discharge of condensate at the lowest point.
  • Low dissolution rate a contribution to more environmental protection
    • Very small dead space (26ml),
    • extremely short response time of gas to liquid,
    • large drops have a similar surface to content ratio,
    • PTFE-coating with low electrostatic current,
    • condensate spiral stream seperated from 3 sides.
  • Keys to reliability
    • Chemical resistance thanks to the PTFE-coating,
    • no clogging due to the self cleaning feature.
  • Comprehensive testing procedures guarantee equipment reliability
    • Providing of true inlet dew-points,
    • automatic control of gas mixture at inlet,
    • trace gas measuring by infra-red analyzer,
    • data processing and storing,
    • availability of test certificates.
The Cooling and Separation Technology