Filters- Glass, Quartz and Teflon ®

Filters- Glass, Quartz and Teflon
Clean Air Express Filters are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Different filter materials are used for various types of method testing. If you are unsure which kind of filter media to purchase, call your Clean Air Express customer service representative.

Filters are available in the following materials:

Filter Size
Part Number
Teflon ®
37 mm (100ct.) N/A 0618Q N/A
47 mm (100ct.) 0620 0620Q 0620T
10 cm/ for 4" Filter Holder (100ct.) 0610 N/A N/A
8.26 cm/ for 3" Filter Holder (100ct.) 0621.26 0621.26Q 0621.26T
11 cm (100ct.) 0622 (100ct.) 0622Q (25ct.) 0622T (100ct.)
8 x 10 0623 (100ct.) 0623Q (25ct.) 0623T (25ct.)
Technical Note:
Do not use glass filters if hydrofluoric acid or fluorine compounds are present, as they may etch the glass.
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