Testo 545 Light Meter and Logger with Location Management

Testo 545 Light Meter and Logger
Testo 545 Light Meter in Use
  • In order to have good quality light, the luminous intensity in the workplace, hospitals, offices or schools has to fulfill specific minimum guidelines. This can be checked using the testo 545.

    • Multi-point or timed mean calculation
    • Stores up to 99 file locations
    • Logger function (3000 readings)
    • Quick documentation on location with Testo printer
Testo 545 Light Meter Display
Testo 545 Light Meter in Studio
Testo 545 Light Meter in Museum
Testo 545 Light Meter in Office
Part Number
Testo 545 Light Meter with Probe, Battery and Calibration
Technical Data
Probe Type Lux
  • Display: 2 line display (1: Reading, 2: Location)
  • Memory: 3000 Readings LCD, 4 lines
  • Storage temperature: -4 to +160 F
  • Operating temperature: +32 to +122 F
  • Battery: type 9 volt battery
  • Battery life: 50 hrs
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 2.7 x 2 in
  • Weight: 18 ounces (Including packaging)
  • Material/Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Meas. Range 0 to +100000 Lux
  • Resolution 1 Lux (0 to +32000 Lux) 10 Lux (0 to +100000 Lux)
Location Management
  • A special feature of Testo 545 is its location management function. Up to 99 readings can be allocated to the locations which ensures clear identification and docuentation.
The Light Parameter
  • Approximately 80% of all sensations are experienced by the eye. Light is required for this purpose. Accurately measuring this light is easy and convenient using the Testo 545.
  • The human eyes are much more senstitive to yellow/green light than to blue and red light. A special optical filter in the Testo 545 allows the instrument to reconstruct the response of the human eye. A special photo diode cell converts this light into an electronic signal whcih is then displayed
Testo 545 Ligh Meter Parameter