JCT JES 301 and JES 301 EX Heated Filter Probe

The JES 301 Filter Probe Includes:

JCT JES 301 Heated Filter Probe
  • Filter Probe Assembly
  • 2 " FPT Mount
  • Field approved
  • Easy maintenance without tools
  • No cold spots
  • Rugged construction
  • Thermal-insulated enclosure
  • With temperature controller
  • Power Requirement: 115VAC/60Hz
  • Weight: 25 lb
The JES 301 Ex Filter Probe Features:
  • Ex Version: Zone 1 Zone 2
  • Self limited heater 120C (248F )
JCT JES 301 Heated Filter Probe with Calibration line
JCT JES 301 Heated Filter Probe dimensions
  • CEM Probes for Heavy Particulate, High Moisture, and Better Accuracy: The equipment and labor costs associated with the of replacement of sampling components and analyzers destroyed by particulate contamination or corrosion can easily exceed $100,000. This does not included the potential regulatory, legal, and financial consequences associated with missing CEM data. Other probe assemblies can also be expensive to maintain, and have a short useful life. The JCT JES 301 series heated filter CEM probe is the solution to these problems.
  • Protection for your CEM System and Analyzers: In order to prevent particulate contamination, the standard unit incorporates a 40 mm O.D. silicone carbide filter element that is 135 mm in length, which has a 2 micron pore size. The large filter surface area extends its life, and reduces the maintenance costs. For locations with smaller entrained particles, a surface coated filter is available, with a 0.2 micron porosity. For the worst applications (particulate loading >= 20 g/m3), however, two additional options are available: an in-situ 2 micron pre-filter, and deflector. Uniform heating of the probe and filter assembly prevents condensation of acid gases in the sampling stream. These condensed acids can cause corrosive damage to the sampling components and analyzers, and lead to measurement bias. The insulated enclosure also prevents cool ambient air from causing this condensation.
  • Heating Capabilities: The integrated probe temperature controller has a factory set heater temperature maximum setting of 392 F, and is adjustable in 40 F increments. As an option, this limitation can be removed, to allow heating up to 599 F.
  • Calibration Port and Back Purging Available: The JES is available with calibration port and blow back purging system. These options allow for calibration of the analyzers, as required by EPA regulations. The blow back purging can be used to remove large particulate from the filter, before maintenance is performed.
  • Typical Installations: The JES 301 can be utilized at coal fired power plants, natural gas fired combustion turbines, cement manufacturing sites, steel mills, aluminum processing plants, and other large industrial processes.
  • Explosion Proof and High Pressure Versions: The JES 301 is available in explosion proof and high pressure versions. Typical locations that require these options include refineries, and other volatile gas handling operations that require explosion proof equipment.
  • Integrated Alarm: The JES 301 has an integrated alarm which can be wired to the control system, to notify the users when the probe temperature falls below or climbs above the low/high set points.
Part Number
JCT JES 301 Heated Filter Probe
JCT JES 301 Ex Heated Filter Probe
Replacement 2 micron Silicone-Carbide filter element
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