Sample Gas Distribution Module (SGDM)

The Sample Gas Distribution Module is designed to interface CEM analyzers with four individual sample gas streams. A back pressure regulator controls the sample pressure to provide a consistent flow rate to the analyzers. In calibration mode the sample gas is bypassed to the vent and a calibration gas port is routed to the analyzers for internal calibration. The calibration mode can be controlled manually by front panel push button or remotely from your data acquisition system. A sample inlet filter is mounted on the back panel for easy access. The Sample Gas Distribution Module combined with a Calibration Module can make controlling sample and calibration gases to your analyzers as simple and easy as it can be.

Sample Gas Distribution Module Features:

Sample Gas Distribution Module
Flowmeters: with stainless steel needle valve provides indication and control of sample gas flow rate from 0 to 1.0 lpm. and a 0-10 lpm. flow meter for sample vent flow.
Back Pressure Regulator: provides consistent sample flow rates.
Sample Inlet Filter: mounted on back panel for easy access.
CAL Mode: allows a data acquisition system equipped with a dry contact closure to
control the calibration port remotely. A status output is also provided when in manual cal mode.
Sub-Rack Design: for installation into a standard 19" instrument rack.
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