Tedlar Bags

Method 3
Tedlar Bags
  • Tedlar Bags are unlike other sample bag materials, Tedlar film resists gas permeation- both into and out of the bag, assuring sample integrity for all applications. Tedlar is rated for continuous use from -98 to 225 deg F. This wide range of operation of Tedlar Bags allows for use in very cold or very hot environments including stacks, vents, and flues. Tedlar film is inert to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Tedlar Bags are referenced for many EPA methods, including Methods 3, 18, and 40.
Sample Tedlar Bag Size
Part Number
Hose Barb
7" x 7 "
1 Liter
12" x 12"
4 Liter
15" x 15"
8.5 Liter
24" x 24"
40 Liter
23" x 38"
85 Liter
30" x 36"
100 Liter
NOTE: We recommend shipping filled Tedlar bags in a rigid carton to prevent damage /discharge during shipping. Do not ship sample bags by air unless the cargo cabin is pressurized. Do not overfill sample bags- avoid filling the bag to more that 80% of its maximum volume. At the end of the sampling period, turn the pump off and close the valve on the bag.
Tedlar Bag Standard Roberts Barbed Valve
Tedlar Bag Optional Twist Valve with Septum
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