Testo 350 Portable Analyzer Conditioning Kit

Testo 350 Conditioning Kit

Testo 350 Conditioning Kit Includes:

  • 0517SS- Stainless Steel Coil Condensers
  • 9769T1- ADI Dia/Vac Pump
  • 9974- Finite Filter Holder
  • 9747- Flow meter .6-5 Lpm
  • 0769250- 1/4" Teflon Tubing
  • 0769375- 3/8" Teflon Tubing
Protect the longevity of the Testo 350 analyzer by pre-conditioning your sample in order to prevent wear/tear on the analyzer. The current conditioning kit set-up is configured for a Testo 350 analyzer but can be configured to most analyzer set-ups with a minor change or two. Note: Does not include the Testo 350 Analyzer. Request a quote today.
Part Number
Testo 350 Conditioning Kit
*Call for options on fitting types, voltage, length and power requirements.