TI 89 Programmed Calculator

Method 5- Isokinetic

TI 89 Programmed Calculator
Pre-programmed with Isokinetic stack sampling calculations. Programmed in English and metric units. Programs Included:
  • Traverse Points
  • Stack Gas Moisture Content
  • Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate
  • Nozzle Size and K-Factor
  • Stack Gas Saturation Moisture Content
  • Critical Orifice Field Calibration
  • Post-Test Isokinetics
  • Replacement model for TI-86
  • TI-89 Manual - 626kb
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Calculator with Programs
Helpful Tips:

To archive the CleanAir program:

  • Press [2nd] and then minus [–] to navigate to the VAR-LINK menu
  • Use the calculators arrow keys to scroll down and highlight the ‘CleanAir’ program
  • Press [F1] to access the file menu.  Select ‘8: Archive variable’ to archive the file
  • Press [ENTER] to confirm
  • If you see an * (asterisk) to the left of the ‘cleanair’ program, it has been successfully archived.
  • Repeat the above steps to archive the ‘kbdprgm1’ as well
  • Press [2nd] and then [ESC] (quit) to exit the menu
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